GlenJM Design!

As the current Emperor of the GlenJMpire, I have the arduous duty of being a multi-talented artiste. One of my many talents is graphic design.

Let’s take a blog entry to look back at my short history as a graphic designer. Most recently, local filmmaker Colin MacDonald asked me to create a poster for his fundraiser "Local is the Word"... localisthewordsmall

I was assigned to graphically design a poster for DMV Theatre's production of The Leisure Society... Sher Clain & Ann Doyle's Half Past Three... halfpastthree

Neptune Theatre's production of Lilly, Alta. at Neptune Theatre...

Earlier in the year, Neptune Theatre also had me create the poster for Little Women... I created a businass card for my acting endeavours...

...what a pederass.

In the Summer, I created a poster for the show I was taking part in for the Atlantic Fringe Festival, Tough!... Here is the un-used cover art that I proposed for The Top Dog, a short film by Evan Elliot that was featured in the 2008 Atlantic Film Festival... About a year ago, Neptune Theatre allowed me to create the poster for the Pre-Professional Training Program’s show, Blood Wedding (which I was in)... Two years ago, I did a poster for another show I was in called Jump! An 80’s Musical.

A poster I did for a BBQ/Skate jamboree hosted by Homegrown Skateboards... Here’s the poster & the VHS sleeve for my baby: Mugshots... And here’s the poster for Park View Education Centre Men’s Hockey, which was never used because the printing costs for it were too high. And the last stop on this tour through time; my earliest documented poster was for Ultimate Wrestling Championship’s 13th Pay-Per-View: 666 (which I also took part in)... That’s all for now, more to come I hope! New York City is up next week!