Building the GlenJMpire: Chapter 6.

Spring 2003

A couple months past the Mugshots release and I was still exhausted from the whole ordeal.

I wrote a script for a feature-length film to be shot that summer titled Repo Men (starring myself, Scott Bailey and Evan Mosher) about a rogue group of repossession men who were experiencing hard times.

The summer months came and we started shooting our epic comedy; days were long and took much more orchestrating than when we shot Mugshots, which required (1.) showing up & (2.) a video camera. Still without a car (or a driver’s license), “showing up” became the film’s nemesis.

There was one day when I had to bike an hour to the shooting-location carrying an army kit bag full of props, the camera bag, and a tripod. And then everyone else showed up an hour late.

The strain was too much, and after filming approximately 25% of the film, I called it quits. Getting to and returning from the locations was just too much of a headache.

Here's the only released material from Repo Men. A behind-the-scenes photo. We convinced Dave F'n Maddox (our dear friend and grip for the day) to let us shoot him in the junk with our high powered Super Soaker.

The Super Soaker was used as a prop for the main character, Ben (played by Scott Bailey) as he had a difficult time managing his morning boner and ends up running through, and pissing all over his house. High-class comedy.

It really hurt to just let the movie die, but I really didn’t think that we could pull it off without me turning into a torrential typhoon of bitchy grumpyness and punching someone.

Months went by, and no new films were being produced. Seg-Way Productions was on an unofficial hiatus.

In school, I took Film & Video where we produced a few videos (80’s COP SHOW, RESIDUE EVIL, LIFE IN PVEC, IRON CONQUEST, FEED MY FRANKENSTEIN) but the motivation didn’t come back to us to make our own films on our own time. Lazy bastards.


High school ended. My camera broke. I got a girlfriend.

I decided filmmaking wasn’t for me; it was time for me to buckle down and get in shape to follow my dreams and become a pro-wrestler (see: chapter 1). Next WInter, I would attend The Kardinal Sinners Pro-Wrestling Camp (in Moncton) taught by Hercules AKA Kingman AKA Brody Steele AKA Peter Smith.

Most of my friends moved away in the pursuit of knowledge, leaving me with my girlfriend, and a job at Bluenotes. Fuck. It was the longest Winter of my goddamned life.

The time came, and I went to Moncton, leaving my girlfriend and my shitty job behind me in Bridgewater. I stayed for 4 days of training before I hurt my back, got really homesick, depressed, and decided to head on back home.

I quit.

It was one thing to quit a movie that no one was expecting to get made, but quitting pro-wrestling really sucked. I was so sure for all of my life that this was what I wanted to do; to tour the globe as a high-flyin’ babyface named JJ Loveless… and now I had no fucking idea.

Back to Bridgewater.

I applied [and was accepted] to Nova Scotia Community College for Applied Arts (Graphic Design & Photography) in Halifax where I could at least keep myself entertained during the Winter months.

Could be okay.