Attention Span TV & Treevenge Pre-Production


I spent my past Saturday evening with the crew of Attention Span TV, an internet-based series (@, featuring skits created on a weekly basis by the students of the Centre For Arts & Technology.
We were shooting the tentatively titled “The Landlord”. In it, I play Larry, a landlord with an addiction to eviction. I am one BAMF.

Kristin Slaney (with whom I am romantically linked to in RL) took part in the shoot playing a pregnant lady (whom we affectionately titled ‘Prego’). This was Ms. Slaney’s 4th time in her young acting career playing a pregnant woman. The theatre gods are trying to tell you something, Kristin… stay the fuck away from me.

Kristin Slaney (Prego) being touched by Crystal Porter (Claire).

Myself pictured with Attention Span TV executive producer and director of “The Landlord”, the 6 foot 3, Matt Chisholm.

Herbal cigarettes. The most badass of all.

The final shots shortly before wrapping things up at 3:30am.

The Landlord” will be included in this Friday’s (December 7) episode #7 of Attention Span TV over @

Thanks to the crew (Matt Chisholm, Colin Duann, Liza Herbert, B-Roll) having me out Saturday night. Also, thanks to my girlfriend, Kristin for letting me make jokes about pushing you down a flight of stairs if you were actually pregnant.


Sunday morning, myself and Kristin had to head to the North End to have our heads molded for Jason Eisener’s upcoming short film “Treevenge” (tentative title), in which we play a young, sexy, promiscuous couple.

Our heads were being molded by Lindsay Thorne for some heavy duty special effects which will occur in January when we shoot our scenes.

Kristin was up first…

Kristin had a little freak-out attack so I was forced to hold her hand...

What a pussy.


Yours truly was up next...

Myself as “Darkman”.


Later on Sunday evening, I got a message from Lindsay showing me the early stages of my special effects head…

Soooo effing bizarre. Ha.

Treevenge is currently shooting, and is looking like a Christmas 2008 (yes, 2008) release. The film is written and directed by Jason Eisener (Hobo With a Shotgun, Streets of Domination), executively produced be Rob Cotterill (Trailer Park Boys), and produced by Sarah Dunsworth (Trailer Park Boys).

You dig?