The Dawn of a New Blog

Hello there ladies, gentlemens, internet lurkers-alike; it has been yet another two grueling weeks since my last blog update, and it is time that I take action! As of this day of November 25th, 2007, I am officially changing gears with this blog.

It will now be a multipurpose blog that features...

  • News and updates from the Neptune Young Company Tour
  • Behind-the-scenes reports from whatever project I'm working on
  • A Chronicle of my career to date, start to finish, titled "Building the GlenJMpire"
  • & whatever else I deem necessary to share with the internet.

For the time being, let's deal with the Neptune Young Company Tour side of things; everything has been fine and/or dandy! Last week, we spent a good portion of our time in the South Shore (my home region).

During which, fellow South Shorer, Ms. Gillian Ferrier got to perform at her former High School...

Adam "Banye West" & Kim "Kimbo Slice" Parkhill shopping in Sobeys in Digby in full makeup. The townspeople hated them passionately.

The best labeling of a Recycling bin I have ever laid my eyes on...

During the week, I had the chance to spend an evening in Lunenburg with the family (Mom, Dad, Niece, cat, dog, etc), and had a lovely visit.

The visit turned out to be a timely one as it was my first time being home in a couple months, and I got to have some intense hangouts with my 16 year old dog CoCo (notice the case sensitive spelling of her name); took her for a walk, played ball, let her lick my face.

On Saturday morning, I recieved a call from my Mother who informed me that she had to put CoCo down. Le fucking sigh. I just wanted to give a shout out to my pup. I will never watch My Dog Skip again. Everybody says it, so I guess I will too: She was the best ever. I love you CoCo...

In other news, there's not that much news. We're taking the tour back down to the South Shore tomorrow morning until Friday.

In blog news, expect the first installment of "The Chronicles of Glen Matthews: Building the GlenJMpire" at some point this week.

The installments will catch you up on everything that has lead up to me being the impeccable performer I am today, from backyard wrestling (Ultimate Wrestling Championship), to making my first film (Mugshots).

Myself as my alter-ego, Brocus, the Slovakian Backyard Wrester.

I will teach you how I became the man I am today. Up next, we will start from the beginning, I will take you to the year 1997 when I joined an internet based radio show called "Brew Crew Radio".

Stay tuned, you bastards!