New Nouveau Brunswick

Whoa there! We just got back (on Friday) from putting on the first shows EVER in New Brunswick by Neptune Theatre! We're kind of a big deal.

Prepare yourself for plenty of photographs paired with witty one-line summaries!

Our first stop in ye olde New Brunswick was Chipman Forest Avenue School which happens to be Mrs. Kim "The Feather" Parkhill's former stomping grounds!

Afterwards, we headed to Kim's uncle's cabin (where we would be staying on Monday, Tuesday and some o' Wednesday). He just so happens to be a plastic surgeon so we were located primarily square in the middle of the lap of luxury for a few days..

P.I.M.P... 'nuff said.

Upon the sight of the monstrous cabin, Bayne lost control of all sexual urges and inserted himself into one of our dummies.

To combat cabin fever, Gill & Adam combated each other.

I'm not sure how, but Adam received a bloody lip playing tennis. One tough cookie.

Mr. Darcy "Agassi" Lindzon celebrating on OUR own tennis court.

..something Kim thought was worth taking a picture of.

During my time at the cabin, I spent a copious amount of time nature-hiking where I wrote, walked, broke sticks, and experienced the best nature has to offer including frogs, canadian geese, and a beaver (or a loch ness monster)...

Three days came, and three days went and the day came for us to leave the cabin. We moved on to a motel, did a couple shows and made our way home. On our way to Halifax, we stopped at a Big Stop where a truck accidentally scratched our door, and continued to leave; it's okay though because I got their licence plate on my cell phone...

And last but not least, I would like to share with all of you, a little piece of me, a little piece of who I am, and that is, my uncontrollable desire for comparing myself to Jesus H. Christ...

Until next time, reach for the stars!