Tour Day 01

Saturday was our big final day of preparations before we started the tour on Monday, so we packed up the van. Here we are, Neptune Theatre's 28th Young Company featuring (as pictured below) Kim Parkhill, Adam Bayne, Gillian Ferrier, Glen Matthews (what?what?) & our stage manager Darcy Lindzon.

Today we started off our tour with a showing of "Liars" to Herring Cove Junior High School.

Upon arrival, when I was unpacking the van, two young students walked up to me and we shared a conversation that went as follows...

Children: Hey, are you in the play?
Glen Matthews: Well yes I am.
Children: What's it about?
Glen Matthews: It's about two kids--
Children: Are they homo?

And then they ran off into the school.

This tour is going to be awesome. I mean, where else do you get to experience random-assed conversations like that?

The kids were ushered into the gymnasium, we put on pre-show music (Sk8r Boi), then rocked some theatrical socks. The kids were ridiculously responsive and fantastic. During Adam & Gill's stage kiss that kids went bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S). Those little kids are perverted.

Anyways, just wanted to let the masses know that our tour has started off on a great note, and I will try to keep sharing stories from the road for y'all to enjoy!

We head out to Canning tomorrow, then Dartmouth on Wednesday and then Bridgewater to hit up Park View, my former effing High School! So that's pretty intense. Thanks for reading!