Exciting Excitement!

Hello there, friends and internet lurkers, alike. Welcome to my fresh-out-of-the-womb "Glen Matthews: Actor/World Traveler Excitement Blog!".

Recently, I have become employed by Neptune Theatre as a member of their Young Company. The purpose of the Young Company is to travel around the Atlantic Provinces of Canada and put on plays for kids in elementary & junior high schools, and introduce them to the theatrical arts. Pretty cool.

This allows me to be a tourist in my own "hood", as I am going to be visiting every nook and every cranny of the Maritimes. In the coming months I will be visiting New Brunswick, PEI, Cape Breton and a good portion of my time will be spent on the mainland of Nova Scotia.

Join me with my trusty Motorola Krazr cellular phone, which I will use to document the journey across these vast lands...

I will be departing the 23rd of September towards somewheres within Nova Scotia. I will be joined by my cast mates Adam Bayne, Gillian Ferrier & Kim Parkhill (in alphabetical order because I haven't decided which ones of them I like best, yet), and directed by my Pre-Professional Training Program instructor Samantha Wilson, and Stage Managed by Darcy Lindzon.

We began rehearsing almost a week ago on Monday, and during my first morning as an employee of Neptune Theatre, I was presented with my very own mug, with my name scotch-taped on the side.

Me = hot shit.

Rehearsals are well under way and we are working hard on getting ready to bring this bad-boy to the stage for the rabid children to devour.

Stay tuned for 2-megapixel photographs taken from wherever the tour takes me, and more hilarious anecdotes. Excitement!